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Title: Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia, Author: Ian Ryan
Title: The Official Guide to Ancestry.com, Author: George G. Morgan
Title: Learn Twitter in 10 Minutes: The Quickest Way to Learn to Tweet, Author: Lynn C. Schreiber
Title: Black Families Online: Directory of Online Resources for Black Parents, Author: Stacey B. Montgomery
Title: Advanced Methods for Conducting Online Behavioral Research, Author: Samuel D. Gosling
Title: Online Information Services in the Social Sciences, Author: Neil Jacobs
Title: Top 1000 Really Useful Web Sites: Version 3.0, Author: Helen Smith
Title: Evaluating Networked Information Services: Techniques, Policy, and Issues, Author: Charles R. McClure
Title: Biology Resources in the Electronic Age, Author: Judith Bazler
Title: Women@Internet: creating new cultures in cyberspace, Author: Wendy Harcourt
Title: Best Educational Internet Sites for Social Studies Students, Author: Paxton Berardy
Title: Neal-Schuman Complete Internet Companion for Librarians, Author: Allen C. Benson
Title: Free Stuff for Kids on the Net, Author: Lisa Trumbauer
Title: The Dream Catalog, Author: Cassell
Title: A Companion to Digital Literary Studies / Edition 1, Author: Ray Siemens
Title: Guia Hispanica de Internet, Author: A. G. Hermoso
Title: Chemicals on the Internet Vol 1 Organic Chemmicals and Petrochemicals, Author: William R. Crowley
Title: Historical Information Science: An Emerging Unidiscipline, Author: Lawrence J. McCrank
Title: Ripped: How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music, Author: Greg Kot
Title: Writing, Teaching and Researching History in the Electronic Age, Author: Dennis A. Trinkle

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