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Title: Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia, Author: Ian Ryan
Title: The Official Guide to Ancestry.com, Author: George G. Morgan
Title: Web-Based Education And Pedagogical Technologies, Author: Liliane Esnault
Title: The History Highway / Edition 4, Author: Dennis A. Trinkle
Title: The Harvey Milk Institute Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Internet Research / Edition 1, Author: Alan L Ellis
Title: Neal-Schuman Guide to Finding Legal and Regulatory Information on the Internet, Author: Yvonne J. Chandler
Title: Best Educational Internet Sites for Science and Math Students, Author: Victoria Chase
Title: World Databases in Medicine, Author: Chris Armstrong
Title: Exploring the Internet Using Critical Thinking Skills: A Self-Paced Workbook for Learning to Effectively Use the Internet and Evaluate Online Information, Author: Debra Jones
Title: Interactive Edition for the New Century Handbook / Edition 1, Author: Christine A. Hult
Title: The History Highway 3.0: A Guide to Internet Resources / Edition 3, Author: Dennis A. Trinkle
Title: Politics on the Net, Author: William Mann
Title: Guide to Electronic Legal Research, Author: Aleksandra Zivanovic
Title: Internet Inquiry: Conversations About Method / Edition 1, Author: Annette Markham
Title: Thesauri Used In Online Databases, Author: Lois Mai Chan
Title: Internet Complete, Author: Sybex Inc.
Title: Does the Internet Benefit Society?, Author: Cindy Mur
Title: Google Hacks: Tips & Tools for Finding and Using the World's Information, Author: Rael Dornfest
Title: Working With Words And Images, Author: Nancy Allen
Title: The Longman Handbook For Writers And Readers / Edition 4, Author: Chris M. Anson

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