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Title: Into Africa, Author: Thomas Sterling
Title: Abina and the Important Men, Author: Trevor R. Getz
Title: Stolen Girls: Survivors of Boko Haram Tell Their Story, Author: Wolfgang Bauer
Title: American Warlord: A True Story, Author: Johnny Dwyer
Title: Rough Crossings: The Slaves, the British, and the American Revolution, Author: Simon Schama
Title: African History in Documents : Western African History / Edition 1, Author: Robert O. Collins
Title: Boko Haram: The History of an African Jihadist Movement, Author: Alexander Thurston
Title: Indigo: In Search of the Color That Seduced the World, Author: Catherine E. McKinley
Title: The Ahmadiyya in the Gold Coast: Muslim Cosmopolitans in the British Empire, Author: John H. Hanson
Title: Themes in West Africa's History / Edition 1, Author: Emmanuel Kwaku Akyeampong
Title: The Female King of Colonial Nigeria: Ahebi Ugbabe, Author: Nwando Achebe
Title: Blood From Stones: The Secret Financial Network of Terror, Author: Douglas Farah
Title: Africa: A History, Author: Alvin M. Josephy
Title: The Portuguese in West Africa, 1415-1670: A Documentary History, Author: Malyn Newitt
Title: A Year Of Ebola: A personal tale of the weirdness wrought by the world's largest Ebola virus disease epidemic, Author: David Brett-Major
Title: Where the Negroes Are Masters: An African Port in the Era of the Slave Trade, Author: Randy J. Sparks
Title: A History Of The Yoruba People, Author: Stephen Adebanji Akintoye
Title: Beyond Timbuktu: An Intellectual History of Muslim West Africa, Author: Ousmane Oumar Kane
Title: The Teeth May Smile but the Heart Does Not Forget: Murder and Memory in Uganda, Author: Andrew Rice
Title: Educating Muslim Women: The West African Legacy of Nana Asma'u 1793-1864, Author: Beverley Mack

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