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Title: Fight Like a Girl: 50 Feminists Who Changed the World, Author: Laura Barcella
Title: The Feminist Revolution: A Story of the Three Most Inspiring and Empowering Women in American History: Susan B. Anthony, Margaret Sanger, and Betty Friedan, Author: Jules Archer
Title: Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, Author: Glen Enander
Title: Margaret Sanger: Every Child a Wanted Child, Author: Nancy Whitelaw
Title: Elizabeth Cady Stanton: The Right Is Ours, Author: Harriet Sigerman Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Gloria Steinem: The Women's Movement, Author: Mark Hoff
Title: Angelina Grimke: Voice of Abolition, Author: Ellen H. Todras
Title: Gloria Steinem: Women's Liberation Leader, Author: Erika Wittekind
Title: Maria Mitchell, Author: Jill Sideman
Title: Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood, Author: bell hooks
Title: Victoria Woodhull: Free Spirit for Women's Rights, Author: Miriam Brody
Title: Mary Wollstonecraft: Mother of Women's Rights, Author: Miriam Brody