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Title: Elizabeth's Women: Friends, Rivals, and Foes Who Shaped the Virgin Queen, Author: Tracy Borman
Title: The Book of the City of Ladies, Author: Christine de Pizan
Title: The Book of the City of Ladies / Edition 1, Author: Christine de Pizan
Title: First Generations: Women in Colonial America, Author: Carol Berkin
Title: Woman in the Nineteenth Century, Author: Margaret Fuller
Title: The Weaker Vessel: Women's Lot in Seventeenth-Century England, Author: Antonia Fraser
Title: The Worth of Women: Wherein Is Clearly Revealed Their Nobility and Their Superiority to Men / Edition 2, Author: Moderata (Modesta Pozzo) Fonte
Title: Separated by Their Sex: Women in Public and Private in the Colonial Atlantic World, Author: Mary Beth Norton
Title: Major Women Writers of Seventeenth-Century England, Author: James Fitzmaurice
Title: A Medieval Woman's Mirror of Honor: The Treasury of the City of Ladies / Edition 1, Author: Christine de Pisan
Title: Woman's Life in Colonial Days, Author: Carl Holliday
Title: Common Bodies: Women, Touch and Power in Seventeenth-Century England, Author: Laura Gowing
Title: Shakespeare's Wife, Author: Germaine Greer
Title: Woman in the 19th Century: An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Criticism / Edition 1, Author: Margaret Fuller
Title: Daughters Wives and Widows: Writings by Men about Women and Marriage in England, 1500-1640, Author: Joan Larsen Klein
Title: The Flower of Friendship: A Renaissance Dialogue Contesting Marriage, Author: Edmund Tilney
Title: Half Humankind: Contexts and Texts of the Controversy about Women in England, 1540-1640, Author: Katherine Henderson
Title: Women Writers in Renaissance England : Longman Annotated Series / Edition 1, Author: Randall Martin
Title: Conduct Literature for Women, Part III, 1720-1770 / Edition 1, Author: Pam Morris
Title: The Nobility and Excellence of Women and the Defects and Vices of Men (The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe Series), Author: Lucrezia Marinella

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