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Title: The War from Within: German Women in the First World War, Author: Ute Daniel
Title: Cut with the Kitchen Knife: The Weimar Photomontages of Hannah Hoch, Author: Maud Lavin
Title: Women Under The Third Reich, Author: T.D. Mckinney
Title: Women in the Metropolis: Gender and Modernity in Weimar Culture, Author: Katharina von Ankum
Title: Gender and Power in the Third Reich: Female Denouncers and the Gestapo (1933-45), Author: V. Joshi
Title: Women in the Third Reich, Author: Matthew Stibbe
Title: Die Frauen Der Nazis, Author: Anna Maria Sigmund
Title: At The Very Least She Pays The Rent, Author: Barbara Franzoi
Title: Women and Modernity in Weimar Germany, Author: Vibeke Rutzou Petersen
Title: Staging Philanthropy: Patriotic Women and the National Imagination in Dynastic Germany, 1813-1916, Author: Jean Helen Quataert Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: He Is the Sun, She Is the Moon: Women in Early Modern Germany / Edition 1, Author: Heide Wunder
Title: Women and the Nazi East: Agents and Witnesses of Germanization, Author: Elizabeth Harvey
Title: Soziale Mobilitat im Berlin des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts: Frauen und Manner in Berlin-Neukolln 1905-1957, Author: Ruth Federspiel
Title: Women in 20th Century Germany, Author: Kolinsky
Title: Gender in Transition: Discourse and Practice in German-Speaking Europe 1750-1830, Author: Marion Gray
Title: A German Women's Movement: Class and Gender in Hanover, 1880-1933, Author: Nancy R. Reagin Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Brides and Doom: Gender, Property, and Power in Medieval German Women's Epic, Author: Jerold C. Frakes
Title: Industrial Housewives: Women's Social Work in the Factories of Nazi Germany, Author: Carola Sachse Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Women in Nazi Germany / Edition 1, Author: Jill Stephenson
Title: The Holy Household: Women and Morals in Reformation Augsburg, Author: Lyndal Roper

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