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Title: The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, Author: Victor Davis Hanson
Title: Case Red: The Collapse of France, Author: Robert Forczyk
Title: USN Battleship vs IJN Battleship: The Pacific 1942-44, Author: Mark Stille
Title: Battle Hardened: An Infantry Officer's Harrowing Journey from D-Day to V-E Day, Author: Craig S. Chapman
Title: Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account, Author: Miklos Nyiszli
Title: The Battle for Tinian: Vital Stepping Stone in America's War Against Japan, Author: Nathan Prefer
Title: Escaping Hitler: A Jewish Boy's Quest for Freedom and His Future, Author: Phyllida Scrivens
Title: The Emperor's Codes: The Thrilling Story of the Allied Code Breakers Who Turned the Tide of World War II, Author: Michael Smith
Title: The Fear and the Freedom: How the Second World War Changed Us, Author: Keith Lowe
Title: American Heritage History of World War II, Author: Stephen E. Ambrose
Title: In Harm's Way: The Sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors, Author: Doug Stanton
Title: No Greater Valor: The Siege of Bastogne and the Miracle That Sealed Allied Victory, Author: Jerome Corsi
Title: Destination Casablanca: Exile, Espionage, and the Battle for North Africa in World War II, Author: Meredith Hindley
Title: Rather Die Fighting: A Memoir of World War II, Author: Frank Blaichman
Title: Joseph Stalin: A Life From Beginning to End, Author: Hourly History
Title: Stalin, Author: Ian Grey
Title: Saving a Continent: The Untold Story of the Marshall Plan, Author: Charles L. Mee Jr.
Title: The Lost Peace: Leadership in a Time of Horror and Hope, 1945-1953, Author: Robert Dallek
Title: Church of Spies: The Pope's Secret War Against Hitler, Author: Mark Riebling
Title: Armor and Blood: The Battle of Kursk: The Turning Point of World War II, Author: Dennis E. Showalter

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