Spotlight on Aquaman

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Aquaman, Vol. 6: Kingslayer
Aquaman: War for the Throne
Aquaman Vol. 1: The Trench (The New 52)
Aquaman, Volume 5: The Crown Comes Down
Aquaman Vol. 4: Underworld (Rebirth)
Aquaman Vol. 2: The Others (The New 52)
Aquaman Vol. 2: Black Manta Rising (Rebirth)
Aquaman Vol. 3: Throne of Atlantis (The New 52)
Aquaman Vol. 1: The Drowning (Rebirth)
Aquaman Vol. 3: Crown of Atlantis (Rebirth)
Aquaman Vol. 4: Death of a King (The New 52)
Aquaman: A Celebration of 75 Years (NOOK Comics with Zoom View)
Aquaman Vol. 5: Sea of Storms (The New 52)
Aquaman Vol. 8 Out of Darkness
Aquaman by Peter David Book Two

More Graphic Novels

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Batman: White Knight Batman Day 2018 Special Edition (2018-) #1
Wonder Woman FCBD 2017 Special Edition (2017-) #1 (NOOK Comics with Zoom View)
Wonder Woman #1 Wonder Woman day Special Edition (2017) #1 (NOOK Comics with Zoom View)
Harley Quinn Batman Day Special Edition (2017-) #1
Batman #1: Batman Day Special Edition (2016) (NOOK Comics with Zoom View)
Batman: Night of the Monster Men Halloween ComicFest 2017 Special Edition (2017-) #1
Detective Comics (1937-2011) #27
Batman Day Special Edition (2017-) #1
Mister Miracle (B&N Exclusive Edition)
Batman: Gotham Adventures (1998-) #1
Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman Deluxe Edition
Batman: White Knight
DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman
DC Comics Encyclopedia All-New Edition

Toys & Games

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LEGO Super Heroes Batman Batsub and the Underwater Clash
LEGO DC Super Heroes Batman: The Attack of the Talons 76110
Imaginext DC Aquaman Feature Ast
Aquaman 12 Inch L and S Figure Assorted
Batman Gotham Under Seige
LEGO DC Super Heroes App-Controlled Batmobile 76112
Batman 365 Feature Mask
LEGO DC Super Heroes Batman: Brother Eye Takedown 76111
DC Comics DBG Multiverse Box
DC Deck-Building Game
Imaginext DC Aquaman Fig Ast
Absolute Batman: Hush
DC Comics DBG Birds of Prey
DC- Superman (Playing Cards)

NOOK Comics: Doomsday Clock

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DC Comics presents a 12-issue maxiseries from the critically acclaimed team of writer Geoff Johns, artist Gary Frank, and colorist Brad Anderson. See the WATCHMEN characters and the DC Universe come together for the first time!

Doomsday Clock (2017-) #1
Doomsday Clock (2017-) #2
Doomsday Clock (2017-) #3
Doomsday Clock (2017-) #4
Doomsday Clock (2017-) #5
Doomsday Clock (2017-) #6
Doomsday Clock (2017-) #7
Doomsday Clock (2017-) #8

DVD & Blu-ray

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Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero
Superman: The Movie
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Batman: the Complete First Season
A History of Violence
Batman Gotham Knight w/Batman Black & White Anthology Graphic Novel
Batman Year One w/Batman Year One Graphic Novel
Superman/Batman Double Feature: Public Enemies/Apocalypse
The Dark Knight
Superman vs. The Elite
The Dark Knight Rises

Hobbies & Collectibles

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POP Heroes: Aquaman - Arthur in Hero Suit
POP Heroes: Aquaman - Gladiator Arthur
POP Heroes: Aquaman - Mera
POP Heroes: Aquaman - Black Manta
POP Heroes: Aquaman - Orm
5 Star: DC Classic - Batman
DC Bombshells Playing Cards
Rock Candy: Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn
5 Star: DC Classic - The Joker
Kotobukiya Tokyo ComicCon Kawaii Series Rubber Charm Collection - Batman Family Set B [B&N Shared Exclusive]
Batman Gotham Under Seige
DC Comics Batman Character Chest with scripted blue interior Molded Ceramic Caped Pint (gray)
DC Comics 3D Art: Supergirl Sonic Boom Matte
Super Cute Tees: Wonder Woman Ride - Women's Large