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Title: Absolute Red Heart Italian Alabaster Paperweight in Gift Box
Title: Green Four Leaf Clover Italian Alabaster Paperweight
Title: Rigid Full Page Magnifier 8.5x11
Title: Bronzed 30 Minute Hourglass 5.25'' x 3.25''
Title: Brass Plated Compass Desktop Paper Weight (4.5
Title: The Hobbit Sting Letter Opener
Title: Watercolor Leaves Dome Glass Paperweight
Title: Brush Hello Dome Paperweight
Title: WS Peach Happy Dome Paperweight
Title: Green Italian Alabaster Owl Paperweight (4
Title: Ultradome Self Focus Light Gathering Magnifier
Title: LED Travel Magnifier
Title: Dream Dome Paperweight in Box
Title: ''Imagination'' Einstein Resin Scrimshaw Paperweight 2.75''
Title: Orange Italian Alabaster Owl Paperweight 4''
Title: Mr. Awesome Desk Plate
Title: ''A Loving Heart'' French Crystal Paperweight 3.5''

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