Femmes Fatales

Beauty, mystique, and danger entwine.

In these dark but irresistible yarns, desire is a means to an end, and underestimating a smart woman is a fatal mistake. From classic works of noir to contemporary psychological thrillers, these tales often put a subversive spin on the way women are represented in crime fiction.

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Title: The Maltese Falcon, Author: Dashiell Hammett
Title: Honeymoon, Author: James Patterson
Title: The Big Sleep, Author: Raymond Chandler
Title: Devil in a Blue Dress (Easy Rawlins Series #1), Author: Walter Mosley
Title: Her Last Breath (Kate Burkholder Series #5), Author: Linda Castillo
Title: The Girl with a Clock for a Heart, Author: Peter Swanson
Title: Live by Night, Author: Dennis Lehane
Title: Double Indemnity, Author: James M. Cain
Title: Keep Your Friends Close, Author: Paula Daly
Title: Parlor Games: A Novel, Author: Maryka Biaggio
Title: A Rage in Harlem, Author: Chester Himes
Title: Queenpin, Author: Megan Abbott
Title: The Last One Left: A Novel, Author: John D. MacDonald
Title: Fade to Blonde, Author: Max Phillips
Title: Tomato Red: A Novel, Author: Daniel Woodrell
Title: The Night at the Crossroads (Maigret Series #7), Author: Georges Simenon
Title: Kiss Me, Judas, Author: Will Christopher Baer
Title: Leave Her to Heaven, Author: Ben Ames Williams
Title: Money Shot, Author: Christa Faust
Title: Fatale, Author: Jean-Patrick Manchette

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