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Title: A Year in Provence, Author: Peter Mayle
Title: The Cellist of Sarajevo, Author: Steven Galloway
Title: Night Train to Lisbon, Author: Pascal Mercier
Title: Toujours Provence, Author: Peter Mayle
Title: The Most Beautiful Walk in the World: A Pedestrian in Paris, Author: John Baxter
Title: A Pig in Provence: Good Food and Simple Pleasures in the South of France, Author: Georgeanne Brennan
Title: Paris in Love, Author: Eloisa James
Title: Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate), Author: Amy Thomas
Title: Encore Provence: New Adventures in the South of France, Author: Peter Mayle
Title: In the City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist, Author: Pete Jordan
Title: Paris to the Past: Traveling through French History by Train, Author: Ina Caro
Title: The Reluctant Tuscan: How I Discovered My Inner Italian, Author: Phil Doran
Title: French Lessons: A Memoir, Author: Alice Kaplan
Title: French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France, Author: Richard Goodman
Title: Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light, Author: David Downie
Title: Vineyard in Tuscany, Author: Ferenc Mate
Title: Paris Was Ours: Thirty-Two Writers Reflect on the City of Light, Author: Penelope Rowlands
Title: Mediterranean Summer: A Season on France's Cote d'Azur and Italy's Costa Bella, Author: David Shalleck
Title: Seven Seasons in Siena: My Quixotic Quest for Acceptance Among Tuscany's Proudest People, Author: Robert Rodi
Title: The Italian Wedding, Author: Nicky Pellegrino

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