Title: Terrifying Tales to Tell at Night: 10 Scary Stories to Give You Nightmares!, Author: Stephen Jones
Title: Pax, Author: Sara Pennypacker
NOOK Book $1.99 $9.49 Current price is $1.99, Original price is $9.49.
Title: Show Me a Sign, Author: Ann Clare LeZotte
NOOK Book $1.99 $11.99 Current price is $1.99, Original price is $11.99.
Title: The Smellyphant, Author: Gavin Buckley
Title: The Tickle Monster, Author: Arnie Lightning
Title: Bogamus the Troll, Author: Nathan A Jones
Title: We're Amazing 1, 2, 3! (Sesame Street Series), Author: Leslie Kimmelman
Title: Sisters: Free Sneak Preview, Author: Raina Telgemeier
Title: The Good Dinosaur: The Junior Novelization Sampler, Author: Suzanne Francis
Title: The Elephant's Child: How the Elephant Got His Trunk, Author: Rudyard Kipling
Title: Goldie the Unicorn, Author: Mary Smith
Title: Bedtime Stories for Kids, Author: Uncle Amon
Title: Emerald the Mermaid, Author: Mary Smith
Title: 100 Jokes for Kids, Author: Uncle Amon
Title: 100+ Knock Knock Jokes for Kids, Author: Johnny B. Laughing
Title: Peanut the Elephant, Author: Arnie Lightning
Title: Fun Facts about Pets, Author: Seymour Simon
Title: Princess Daisy, Author: Mary Smith
Title: More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys: Great Ideas from Ivy and Bean, Author: Annie Barrows
Title: Ever After High: Ashlynn Ella's Story, Author: Shannon Hale

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