Title: Banish My Heart (Book 1 of The Grimm Laws Series), Author: Jennifer Youngblood
Title: By Divine Right (The Darkwater Saga): A Novella, Author: Patrick W. Carr
Title: No Less Days (Free Preview), Author: Amanda G Stevens
Title: Illuminated, Author: Jackie Castle
1 in Series
Title: The Seventh Mountain, Author: Gene Curtis
1 in Series
Title: Rose Of Prophecy, Author: Hope Ann
Title: Superhero in Disguise, Author: Kitty Bucholtz
Explore Series
Title: Beyond the Mist, Author: Lori Ann Ramsey
Title: Wars of the Aoten, Author: Craig Davis
Title: Jergun, der Schlammreiter, Author: Cyle Young
1 in Series
Title: Double Christ, Author: Julian Gillespie
Title: Symphony of Heroes, Author: Julius Buchanan
2 in Series
Title: Sunlight: Acts of the United Sceptres Book One, Author: Julius Buchanan