Title: Eadan's Vow: A Scottish Time Travel Romance, Author: Stella Knight
Title: Daughter of Time, Author: Sarah Woodbury
Title: The Good Knight, Author: Sarah Woodbury
Title: MacFarland's Lass, Author: Glynnis Campbell
Title: Guardians of Medieval Wales (Four Historical Series Starters), Author: Sarah Woodbury
Title: Claiming His Lady: A Medieval Romance, Author: Saskia Knight
Title: Highlander's Castle, Author: Joanne Wadsworth
Title: Lady Danger, Author: Glynnis Campbell
Title: Cold My Heart, Author: Sarah Woodbury
Title: You and No Other, Author: Cynthia Wright
Title: My Champion, Author: Glynnis Campbell
Title: Highlander's Desire, Author: Joanne Wadsworth
Title: Temptations, Author: Glynnis Campbell
Title: The Queen's Kings, Author: A. V. Arms
Title: The Dead King, Author: A. V. Arms
Title: Macbeth's Niece, Author: Peg Herring
Title: Angel of Skye-FREE-PREVIEW (First 6 Chapters), Author: May McGoldrick
Title: Daring Liaisons, Author: Loreen Augeri
Title: Une Fille du Temps (Apres Cilmeri 1), Author: Sarah Woodbury
Title: Tochter der Zeit (Was nach Cilmeri geschah Band 1), Author: Sarah Woodbury