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Title: Nothing Returns, Author: Phil McDermott
Title: The Tell-Tale Heart (Audio-eBook), Author: Poe
Title: Izabelle, Author: Carol A. Campbell
Title: Green Lake, Author: S.K. Epperson
Title: Julie's Deadly Wishes, Author: Carol A Campbell
Title: The Black Cat (Audio-eBook), Author: Poe
Title: The Pit And The Pendulum (Audio-eBook), Author: Poe
Title: NIGHT TERRORS, Author: Douglas Adair
Title: The Cask Of Amontillado (Audio-eBook), Author: Poe
Title: Monster of Monsters: One Who Plays With Monsters- Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror Flash Fiction #13, Author: Kristie Lynn Higgins
Title: Dead Girl Moon, Author: Jessica Halsey
Title: Cain's Apples, Author: Bryan Lee
Title: The Sister Verse and the Talons of Ruin, Author: Amelie C. Langlois
Title: Spider Soup, Author: Lori R. Lopez
Title: Philophobia, Author: Sin Ribbon
Title: Skamania Run In (Mystery And Horror In The Pacific Northwest), Author: John Kefauver