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Title: A Guide to Dinosaurs Their Past and Future, Author: rodney cannon
Title: Everything You Wanted to Know About Ballet But Were Afraid to Ask, Author: Grier Cooper
Title: The Lawrence Welk Show, Author: Frederick Hoehn
Title: Solaris, Directed By Andrei Tarkovsky - Psychological and Philosophical Aspects, Author: Nicolae Sfetcu
Title: Creativity: Get Going (Creativity: Power of Commitment, #1), Author: Morwenna Assaf
Title: Twin Cities Broadcasting in the Analog Age: A Presentation for the St. Paul Radio Club Annual Banquet, Author: Jeff R. Lonto
Title: Adventures of Power Postcards from the Set: How I Made an Epic Indie Film, Author: Ari Gold
Title: Stai parlando con me? 100 battute da film indimenticabili, Author: Stefano Cipriani
Title: VIE Festival 14 - 22 october 2017: Modena Bologna Carpi Vignola, Author: Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
Title: Anuario AC/E de Cultura Digital 2014: Focus 2014: Uso des las nuevas tecnologías en las artes escénicas, Author: Acción Cultural Española
Title: Genre und Gemeinsinn: Hollywood zwischen Krieg und Demokratie, Author: Hermann Kappelhoff
Title: Jerzy Grotowski: L'eredità vivente, Author: AA.VV.
Title: Anuario AC/E 2016 de cultura digital: Cultura inteligente: Impacto de Internet en la creación artística. Focus: Uso de nuevas tecnologías digitales en festivales culturales, Author: Javier Celaya
Title: Anne Billson on Film 2009, Author: Anne Billson