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Title: Reality: Simulations - the Analytical Audacity of Jean Baudrillard, Author: Marc Estrin
Title: Make America Great--Like Norway, Author: Dr. Bob O'Connor
Title: Common Core State Standards and Race to the Top: An Introduction to Marxism 101, Author: Restore Oklahoma Public Education
Title: You Want Holocaust With That?, Author: Marc Estrin
Title: Factory farming and animal liberation: the New Zealand experience, Author: Michael Morris
Title: There Shall Be An Independent Scotland: British And Scottish Nationalism After The 2014 #Indyref, Author: Malory Nye
Title: Masculinity, Author: Richard Hawley
Title: THE NIGERIAN POLITY, Author: Tayo Demola
Title: A Publishing Program 2017-2018, Author: Luca P. Marescotti
Title: Good Morning Diossina, Author: Angelo Bonelli
Title: A Decade of BRICS: Indian Perspectives for the Future, Author: Global Policy
Title: 21 Machetes, Author: John Geesman
Title: Intelligent Designer: Evolution for Politicians, Author: John Janovy Jr
Title: Le Unioni dei Comuni: Il conferimento delle funzioni per una ricerca di maggiore efficienza ed efficacia dei servizi, Author: Cristina Gianfelici
Title: Binnen Zonder Bellen, Author: Philip Claeys
Title: Fighting the Terrorists, Author: Frederick Hoehn
Title: Philosophical Works 2015, Author: Gregory Coffin
Title: L'Unione dei Comuni della Bassa Romagna: Territorio orientato allo sviluppo, Author: Andrea Bilotto