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Title: FREE Weights and Measures Study Guide : Conversion of over 1,000 units including Length, Area, Volume, Speed, Force, Energy, Electricity, Viscosity, Temperature, & more, Author: MobileReference
Title: Introduction to Data Analysis in Qualitative Research, Author: Asher Shkedi
Title: The Errors of the NAS: A Reply to the National Academy of Sciences Booklet, Science and Creationism, Author: Harun Yahya
Title: Cats Don't Die, Author: Donald Dillon
Title: Optically Induced Nanostructures: Biomedical and Technical Applications, Author: Karsten König
Title: The Transitional Form Dilemma, Author: Harun Yahya
Title: How to Build a Digital Microscope: Construct a Reliable, Inexpensive Microscope for both Regular and Polarized Light Microscopy, Author: Lasse Lu Pedersen
Title: Issue #11 Printing and Graphics Science Group Newsletter, Author: Roy Gray
Title: High School Summer Research Opportunities: Comprehensive Collection of Research Programs, Author: Abhilash Potluri
Title: Where are the Flying Cars? Science, Technology, and Public Policy, Author: John Youker
Title: Power Measurements Under Nonsinusoidal Conditions: A Thesis in Electrical Engineering, Author: Joseph Peter Klapatch
Title: Mesurer la science, Author: Vincent Larivière
Title: Science is Ethics as Electics., Author: Richard Lung