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Title: Marvin's Magic Box of 125 Tricks
Title: Marvin's Amazing Magic Tricks 1
Title: Magic: Onyx Edition 200 Tricks
Title: 25 Miraculous Mind Reading Tricks
Title: 250 Incredible Card Tricks
Title: Little Box of Magic Tricks
Title: Magic Science for Wizards Only
Title: 25 Incredible Card Tricks
Title: Magic Set Suitcase
Title: Svengali Magic Cards
Title: Marvin's iMagic
Title: The Klutz Book of Magic
Title: Coin Magic
Title: Magic Rope Cutter
Title: Marvin's Magic Super Hero Magic Set
Title: 25 Amazing Tricks and Stunts
Title: Abracadabra Top Hat Show
Title: Secret Magic Case
Title: Lights from Anywhere-Adult
Title: 40 Trick Magic Show Kit

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