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Title: Calypso (Signed Book), Author: David Sedaris Pre-Order Now
Title: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, Author: Marlon Bundo
Title: The Last Black Unicorn, Author: Tiffany Haddish
Title: Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone: Advice Your Mom Would Give if She Thought You Were Listening, Author: Becky Blades
Title: Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps, Author: Kelly Williams Brown
Title: Men in Blazers Present Encyclopedia Blazertannica: A Suboptimal Guide to Soccer, America's
Title: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck: How to Stop Spending Time You Don't Have with People You Don't Like Doing Things You Don't Want to Do, Author: Sarah Knight
Title: What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, Author: Randall Munroe
Title: Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence, Author: Nick Caruso
Title: Look Alive Out There, Author: Sloane Crosley
Title: The Onion, Author: The Onion Inc
Title: Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things, Author: Jenny Lawson
Title: You Can't Spell America Without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J. Trump (A So-Called Parody), Author: Alec Baldwin
Title: Rhett & Link's Book of Mythicality: A Field Guide to Curiosity, Creativity, and Tomfoolery, Author: Rhett McLaughlin
Title: Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002), Author: David Sedaris
Title: Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions, Author: Stephen Colbert
Title: Let's Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir), Author: Jenny Lawson
Title: Vine and Milk: Over 100 Funny and Classical Vine Compilation, Author: Dom Fitzgerald
Title: Go Ask Ali: Half-Baked Advice (and Free Lemonade), Author: Ali Wentworth
Title: It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays, Author: Shane Dawson

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