Title: Symposium on Creation (JCR Vol. 1 No. 1), Author: R. J. Rushdoony
Title: Unleash Your Primal Brain, Author: Tim Ash
Title: The Study of Instinct, Author: Nikolaas Tinbergen
Title: Ecological Awakening, Author: Morgan Caraway
Title: On the Origin of Species (Publix Press), Author: Charles Darwin
Title: Offense of Reason, Author: Maurizio DiMauro
Title: Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution Overthrown, Author: Dr. Nyonbeor A. Boley Sr.
Title: OUR HUMAN DESTINY: BOOK 2, Author: Lou Shook
Title: La estadistica ambiental en Mexico, Author: El Colegio de Mexico
Title: Free Your Emotional Brain Think Again, Author: N. Micklem
Title: Teilhard de Chardin: The Search For The Light In Evolution, Author: Bernard Fleury
Title: Three Biological Myths: Race, Ancestry, Ethnicity, Author: Alain F. Corcos
Title: Identified Flying Objects, Author: Michael Masters
Title: In Psychic Defense, Author: Don Chapin PhD
Title: The Monkey Business of Being Human, Author: Pavel Somov
Title: Medical Misadventures, Author: Alistair Fraser-Moodie
Title: Origins of the Universe, Life and Species: New Perspectives from Science and Theology, Author: Plammoottil V. Cherian
Title: In Y/our Face, Author: Aneta Biedron
Title: Creation without Compromise, Author: Donald Crowe
Title: The Anti-Aging Triad, Author: Stephen Holt

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