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Title: Are You a Grasshopper?, Author: Judy Allen
Title: Chirping Crickets, Author: Melvin Berger
Title: Crickets, Author: Laura K. Murray
Title: A Grasshopper? (What's It Like to Be Series), Author: Jinny Johnson
Title: The Fiddlehoppers: Crickets, Katydids and Locusts, Author: Phyllis Jean Perry
Title: Crickets, Author: Margaret Hall
Title: Grasshopper, Author: Karen Hartley
Title: Chirp, Chirp!: Crickets in Your Backyard, Author: Nancy Loewen
Title: Grasshoppers, Author: Julie Murray
Title: Grasshoppers (Insects Series), Author: Cheryl Coughlan
Title: Grasshoppers, Author: Connie Colwell Miller
Title: Grasshoppers, Author: Margaret Hall
Title: Grasshoppers, Author: Mary Ann McDonald
Title: Grasshoppers and Crickets of North America (Animals in Order), Author: Sara Swan Miller
Title: Grasshoppers, Author: Grolier Educational Staff
Title: Crickets, Author: Cari Meister
Title: Katydids: Leaf Look-Alikes, Author: Natalie Lunis
Title: Grasshoppers, Author: Ann Heinrichs
Title: Discovering Crickets and Grasshoppers, Author: Keith Porter
Title: Grasshoppers up Close, Author: Greg Pyers

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