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Title: Album of Horses, Author: Marguerite Henry
Title: In the Trees, Honeybees!, Author: Lori Mortensen
Title: Mini Lop Rabbits, The Complete Owner's Guide to Mini Lop Bunnies, How to Care for your Mini Lop Eared Rabbit, including Breeding, Lifespan, Colors, Health, Personality, Diet and Facts, Author: Ann L Fletcher
Title: Beautiful Joe: A Dog's Own Story, Author: Marshall Saunders
Title: The Assateague Ponies, Author: Ronald R. Keiper
Title: How It Was with Dooms: A True Story from Africa, Author: Xan Hopcraft
Title: My Name Is Walter, Author: Paula Rozelle Hanback
Title: What Pets Teach Us: Life's Lessons Learned From Our Best Friends, Author: Andrea Donner
Title: Guide to Owning a Persian Cat, Author: Juliet Seymour
Title: The Fascinating Freshwater Fish Book: How to Catch, Keep, and Observe Your Own Native Fish, Author: John R. Quinn
Title: Million Dollar Horse, Author: Bonnie Bryant
Title: You and Your Pet: Aquarium Pets, Author: Phillip Orso Steinberg
Title: Coping with a Dying Pet, Author: Liesel Teversham
Title: Pet Guinea Pig, Author: Robin Nelson
Title: Kittens, Author: Kelly Doudna
Title: The Special One: The Story of a Police Dog, Author: Trish Keating
Title: Horse (Eyewitness Books Series), Author: Juliet Clutton-Brock
Title: Little Book of Rabbits, Author: Trafalgar Square Press
Title: Maine Coon Cats, Author: Lynn Stone
Title: Hamsters, Author: Michaela Miller

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