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Title: Fifty Years Honouring Canadians: The Order of Canada, 1967-2017 (Large Print 16pt), Author: Christopher McCreery
Title: Not Bad for a Sergeant: The Memoirs of Barney Danson, Author: Barney Danson
Title: Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst: Everyday Life in Upper Canada, 1812-1814 (Large Print 16pt), Author: Dorothy Duncan
Title: Canada on the Doorstep: 1939 (Large Print 16pt), Author: William Rayner
Title: Flight from Famine: The Coming of the Irish to Canada (Large Print 16pt), Author: Donald MacKay
Title: Haunted Hamilton: The Ghosts of Dundurn Castle and Other Steeltown Shivers (Large Print 16pt), Author: Mark Leslie Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Chinese in Toronto from 1878: From Outside to Inside the Circle (Large Print 16pt), Author: Arlene Chan
Title: Wordstruck, Author: Robert MacNeil
Title: Fire Canoe: Prairie Steamboat Days Revisited (Large Print 16pt), Author: Ted Barris
Title: York's Sacrifice: Militia Casualties of the War of 1812 (Large Print 16pt), Author: Janice Nickerson Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Silence of the North, Author: Olive A. Fredrickson
Title: Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature, Author: Margaret Atwood Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: To Make Ourselves A Home, Author: John Young
Title: Three Against the Wilderness, Author: Eric Collier
Title: Dreaming In The Rain, Author: David Spaner