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Title: Domina (Maestra Series #2), Author: L. S. Hilton
Title: The Last Painting of Sara de Vos: A Novel, Author: Dominic Smith
Title: The Imperial Wife, Author: Irina Reyn
Title: The Rembrandt Affair (Gabriel Allon Series #10), Author: Daniel Silva
Title: The Da Vinci Code, Author: Dan Brown
Title: Priceless, Author: Marne Davis Kellogg
Title: Seek My Face, Author: John Updike
Title: Among Thieves, Author: David Hosp
Title: The Bernini Bust (Art History Mystery Series #3), Author: Iain Pears
Title: Thief of Light, Author: David Ramus
Title: Painted Ladies (Spenser Series #38), Author: Robert B. Parker
Title: Murder in the White House (Capital Crimes Series #1), Author: Margaret Truman
Title: The Art Forger, Author: B. A. Shapiro
Title: Animosity, Author: David L. Lindsey
Title: Murder at the National Gallery (Capital Crimes Series #13), Author: Margaret Truman
Title: To Catch a Thief, Author: Christina Skye
Title: A Deceptive Appearance, Author: John Malcolm
Title: Doors Open, Author: Ian Rankin
Title: The Portrait, Author: Iain M. Pears
Title: Murder on the Potomac (Capital Crimes Series #12), Author: Margaret Truman

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