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Title: Painted Ruins, Artist: Grizzly Bear
Title: Nirvana, Artist: Nirvana
Title: Nevermind, Artist: Nirvana
Title: American Idiot, Artist: Green Day
Title: Here Comes Science, Artist: They Might Be Giants
Title: Melophobia, Artist: Cage the Elephant
Title: Lost on You [U.K. Bonus Tracks], Artist: LP
Title: The 1975, Artist: The 1975
Title: Sublime, Artist: Sublime
Title: How to Be a Human Being, Artist: Glass Animals
Title: The Sufferer & the Witness, Artist: Rise Against
Title: Yourself or Someone Like You, Artist: Matchbox Twenty
Title: Greatest Hits, Artist: blink-182
Title: In Rainbows, Artist: Radiohead
Title: Pretty Hate Machine, Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Title: The Bends, Artist: Radiohead
Title: To Celebrate Christmas, Artist: Jennifer Nettles
Title: Hot Fuss, Artist: The Killers
Title: Lust for Life, Artist: Iggy Pop
Title: The Drums, Artist: The Drums

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