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Title: Hymn to the Immortal Wind, Artist: Mono
Title: Thunder in the East, Artist: Loudness
Title: Fly, Artist: Yoko Ono
Title: Blue Blood, Artist: X Japan
Title: Jealousy [Bonus Disc] [Special Edition], Artist: X Japan
Title: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence [Original Soundtrack], Artist: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Title: 3, Artist: Tricot
Title: Super Best, Artist: The Blue Hearts
Title: Metal Resistance, Artist: Babymetal
Title: BABYMETAL [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Babymetal
Title: Yoshiki Classical, Artist: Yoshiki
Title: Rising Son, Artist: Takuya Kuroda
Title: Fantasma [LP], Artist: Cornelius
Title: How to Live with a Phantom, Artist: Shintaro Sakamoto
Title: Voice, Artist: Hiromi
Title: Move, Artist: Hiromi
Title: Komuso: The Healing Art of Zen, Artist: Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin
Title: Live at Wembley Arena, Artist: Babymetal
Title: The Planets, Artist: Tomita
Title: Fetch, Artist: Melt Banana

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