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Title: Mr. Universe, Artist: Jim Gaffigan
Title: A Night at the Met, Artist: Robin Williams
Title: Icon, Artist: Jerry Clower
Title: Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow Right!, Artist: Bill Cosby
Title: To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With [CD], Artist: Bill Cosby
Title: Class Clown, Artist: George Carlin
Title: Comedy Is Not Pretty!, Artist: Steve Martin
Title: Uncensored, Artist: Redd Foxx
Title: FM & AM, Artist: George Carlin
Title: 200 M.P.H., Artist: Bill Cosby
Title: America's Legendary Humorist [Collectables], Artist: Will Rogers
Title: Why Is There Air?, Artist: Bill Cosby
Title: Bill Cosby
Title: The Sick Humor of Lenny Bruce, Artist: Lenny Bruce
Title: I Ain't Lied Yet!, Artist: Redd Foxx
Title: Bebe's Kids, Artist: Robin Harris
Title: Parental Advisory, Artist: George Carlin
Title: When I Was a Kid, Artist: Bill Cosby
Title: Notes from the GED Section, Artist: D.L. Hughley
Title: Cosby and the Kids, Artist: Bill Cosby

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