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Title: Stillicide, Artist: Helms Alee
Title: In the Absence of Truth, Artist: Isis
Title: Vulgar Display of Power, Artist: Pantera
Title: Emperor of Sand, Artist: Mastodon
Title: Blue Record, Artist: Baroness
Title: Purple, Artist: Baroness
Title: Once More 'Round the Sun, Artist: Mastodon
Title: Pink [Deluxe Edition], Artist: Boris
Title: Oceanic, Artist: Isis
Title: Paegan Terrorism Tactics, Artist: Acid Bath
Title: Yellow & Green, Artist: Baroness
Title: When the Kite String Pops, Artist: Acid Bath
Title: The Link, Artist: Gojira
Title: Blood Mountain [Bonus Track], Artist: Mastodon
Title: Deliverance, Artist: Corrosion of Conformity
Title: Red Album, Artist: Baroness
Title: Blind, Artist: Corrosion of Conformity
Title: Wiseblood, Artist: Corrosion of Conformity
Title: Crystal Fairy, Artist: Crystal Fairy
Title: Witchcult Today, Artist: Electric Wizard

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