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Title: Master of Puppets, Artist: Metallica
Title: Ride the Lightning, Artist: Metallica
Title: Rust in Peace [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Megadeth
Title: Beyond Hell/Above Heaven [Bonus Track], Artist: Volbeat
Title: ...And Justice for All, Artist: Metallica
Title: Gods of Violence, Artist: Kreator
Title: XI, Artist: Metal Church
Title: Countdown to Extinction: Live, Artist: Megadeth
Title: Youthanasia [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Megadeth
Title: Let There Be Blood, Artist: Exodus
Title: Shovel Headed Kill Machine, Artist: Exodus
Title: Under Cöver, Artist: Motörhead Pre-Order Now
Title: Dystopia, Artist: Megadeth
Title: Hardwired...To Self-Destruct [Deluxe Version], Artist: Metallica
Title: For All Kings, Artist: Anthrax
Title: Kill 'Em All, Artist: Metallica
Title: Decade of Aggression: Live, Artist: Slayer
Title: Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! [Remixed], Artist: Megadeth
Title: Alice in Hell, Artist: Annihilator
Title: Seven Churches, Artist: Possessed

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