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Title: Passion - Sources, Artist:
Title: Eclipse, Artist: Hamza el Din
Title: Ethiopiques, Vol. 1: Golden Years of Modern Music, Artist:
Title: The Master Musicians of Jajouka, Artist: The Master Musicians of Jajouka
Title: Al Oud, Artist: Hamza el Din
Title: Taarab, Vol. 1: Music of Zanzibar, Artist: Abdullah Mussa Ahmed
Title: Secret Museum of Mankind: Music of North Africa, 1925-1948, Artist:
Title: Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms, Vol. 1, Artist:
Title: Music of the Sahara, Artist:
Title: Algerian Berber Music, Artist:
Title: Casablanca, Artist: El Lebrijano
Title: Moroccan Bellydance, Artist: Chalf Hassan
Title: Gnawa Songs, Artist: Nass el-Ghiwan
Title: Sound of the Maghreb, Artist:
Title: Ethiopiques, Vol. 19: Alemye, Artist: Mahmoud Ahmed
Title: Bazaar Marrakesh, Artist: Chalf Hassan
Title: Music of the Oriental Jews from North Africa Yemen, Artist:
Title: Agdal Reptiles on Majoun, Artist: Amira Saqati
Title: Africa North, Artist:
Title: Les Riam, Artist: Ahlam

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