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Title: Environments 1: Psychologically Ultimate Seashore, Artist: Environments
Title: Color With Music: Mandalas, Artist:
Title: Famous Monsters Speak: Dracula/Frankenstein, Artist:
Title: Pastoral Bells: Cowbells of the Mediterranean Hills, Artist: Nature Sounds
Title: La Pluie - Soundscapes of Rain, Artist: Nature Sounds
Title: Oiseaux du Maghreb: Birds of N.W. Africa, Artist: Jean-Claude Roche
Title: The Lowdown, Artist: Incubus
Title: Halloween House Scary Sounds, Artist:
Title: Sounds of Steam Locomotives, No. 3: Colorado Narrow Gauge Stack Music, Artist:
Title: Sounds of Steam Locomotives, Vol. 5, Artist:
Title: Science Fiction Sound Effects, Artist:
Title: Actual Sounds: Street & Gangland Rhythms, Artist:
Title: Steam Locomotive: Rail Sounds, Artist:
Title: Sound Effects, Vol. 3: People and Sounds [ZYX], Artist:
Title: Birds of America in Song, Artist: John James Audubon
Title: Kids' Halloween Party [Columbia River], Artist:
Title: BBC Sound Effects, Vol. 13: Death & Horror, Artist: Mike Harding
Title: Sound EFX: Halloween Sound Effects, Artist:
Title: Sounds of Carnival, Artist:
Title: Sounds of Steam Locomotives, No. 2: Stack Music Sampler or Make Up of a Train, Artist:

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