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Title: Winter in America, Artist: Brian Jackson
Title: Pieces of a Man, Artist: Gil Scott-Heron
Title: Best of Gil Scott-Heron, Artist: Gil Scott-Heron
Title: Small Talk at 125th and Lenox, Artist: Gil Scott-Heron
Title: From South Africa To South Carolina, Artist: Brian Jackson
Title: Sounds for Hounds: Noise Therapy Pups Nervous Dogs, Artist: Soundskapes
Title: Reads Kaddish: A 20th Century American [Red Vinyl], Artist: Allen Ginsberg
Title: Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute To Cole Porter, Artist:
Title: Watch Them Dogs/Roots, Artist: Rev. B.W. Smith
Title: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Artist: Gil Scott-Heron
Title: 1980 [Soul Brother], Artist: Gil Scott-Heron
Title: The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Saul Williams
Title: Vinyl Cafe on Tour, Artist: Stuart McLean
Title: Listen to the Warm [Deluxe Edition], Artist: Rod McKuen
Title: The Rosary: Mysteries, Meditations & Music, Artist: Dominican Sisters of Mary
Title: Calm, Cool, & Collected, Artist: Tom Papa
Title: Genesis According to Phil Collins, Artist: Phil Collins
Title: The Profile, Artist: Kate Bush
Title: Birds of America in Song, Artist: John James Audubon
Title: AKA Grafitti Man, Artist: John Trudell

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