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Title: Songs of Bob Dylan, Artist: Joan Osborne
Title: Flowers in the Dirt [2-Disc Special Edition], Artist: Paul McCartney
Title: Reputation, Artist: Taylor Swift Pre-Order Now
Title: Now, Artist: Shania Twain Pre-Order Now
Title: Greatest Hits [Legacy], Artist: Earth
Title: Happy Endings, Artist: Old Dominion
Title: In the Lonely Hour, Artist: Sam Smith
Title: The Nightfly, Artist: Donald Fagen
Title: Tapestry, Artist: Carole King
Title: Songs You Know by Heart: Jimmy Buffett's Greatest Hit(s), Artist: Jimmy Buffett
Title: Icon, Artist: Cat Stevens
Title: The Search for Everything, Artist: John Mayer
Title: Bat out of Hell, Artist: Meat Loaf
Title: Chain Breaker, Artist: Zach Williams
Title: Forrest Gump, Artist:
Title: Twenty Five, Artist: George Michael
Title: The Joshua Tree [30th Anniversary], Artist: U2
Title: Peace on Earth, Artist: Casting Crowns
Title: Greatest Hits, Artist: Tim McGraw
Title: Greatest Hits, Artist: Enrique Iglesias

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