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Title: The College Dropout, Artist: Kanye West
Title: Solid Gold Hits, Artist: Beastie Boys
Title: Curtain Call: The Hits, Artist: Eminem
Title: ATLiens, Artist: OutKast
Title: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Title: Aquemini, Artist: OutKast
Title: Illmatic, Artist: Nas
Title: My Life, Artist: Mary J. Blige
Title: The Slim Shady LP, Artist: Eminem
Title: The Low End Theory, Artist: A Tribe Called Quest
Title: Ill Communication, Artist: Beastie Boys
Title: Stankonia, Artist: OutKast
Title: Share My World, Artist: Mary J. Blige
Title: It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, Artist: Public Enemy
Title: The Blueprint, Artist: Jay-Z
Title: Mama's Gun, Artist: Erykah Badu
Title: Demon Days, Artist: Gorillaz
Title: Baduizm, Artist: Erykah Badu
Title: Check Your Head, Artist: Beastie Boys
Title: Encore [Bonus CD], Artist: Eminem

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