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Title: Ark, Artist: In Hearts Wake
Title: Paranormal, Artist: Alice Cooper
Title: Led Zeppelin IV [LP], Artist: Led Zeppelin
Title: Led Zeppelin II [Remastered] [LP], Artist: Led Zeppelin
Title: Brothers and Sisters [LP], Artist: The Allman Brothers Band
Title: En Vivo!, Artist: Iron Maiden
Title: Love It to Death, Artist: Alice Cooper Pre-Order Now
Title: Led Zeppelin [Remastered] [LP], Artist: Led Zeppelin
Title: 1984 [LP], Artist: Van Halen
Title: Hot in the Shade, Artist: Kiss
Title: Who Made Who, Artist: AC/DC
Title: Animals as Leaders [LP], Artist: Animals as Leaders
Title: First and Last and Always [LP], Artist: The Sisters of Mercy
Title: Wayne's World, Artist: Pre-Order Now
Title: Suicidal Tendencies [Yellow & Black Swirl Vinyl] [B&N Exclusive], Artist: Suicidal Tendencies
Title: Hysteria [2 LP 30th Anniversary Edition], Artist: Def Leppard
Title: Living Things [LP], Artist: Linkin Park
Title: Metallica [LP], Artist: Metallica
Title: Superunknown [LP], Artist: Soundgarden
Title: Opiate [EP], Artist: Tool

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