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Title: Abigail Washburn & the Sparrow Quartet, Artist: Abigail Washburn
Title: The Very Best of Chinese Music, Artist:
Title: Phases of the Moon, Artist: Phases Of The Moon
Title: Eleven Centuries of Traditional Music of China, Artist:
Title: Excavated Shellac: Reeds, Artist:
Title: String Glamour, Artist: Yu Hong-Mei
Title: Traditional Chinese Ensemble, Artist: Silk & Bamboo Ensemble
Title: The Art of the Chinese Erhu, Artist: Zhou Yu
Title: The Best of China & Japan [1996], Artist:
Title: Chinese Music for the Pipa, Artist: Wu Man
Title: Chinese Traditional and Contemporary Music, Artist: Wu Man
Title: Hong Kong: Instrumental Music, Artist:
Title: Autumn Moon, Artist:
Title: Classical Chinese Folk Songs & Opera [Bonus Track], Artist: Wei Li
Title: Red Cliff Capriccio, Artist: Wei Li
Title: The Ancient Art Music of China, Artist: Lily Yuan
Title: Ceremonial Music from China, Artist: Dayan Ancient Music Association
Title: Music of Indonesia, Vol. 3: The Outskirts of Jakarta, Artist:
Title: Chinese Han Music: Zheng Melodies Above the Clouds, Artist: Luo Lian
Title: Orchidee: Traditional Chinese Music, Artist: Huihong Ou

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