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Title: Mulatu of Ethiopia, Artist: Mulatu Astatke
Title: Mulatu of Ethiopia, Artist: Mulatu Astatke
Title: Ethiopiques, Vol. 1: Golden Years of Modern Music, Artist:
Title: En Mana Kuoyo, Artist: Ayub Ogada
Title: Throw Down Your Heart, Tales from the Acoustic Planet, Vol. 3: Africa Sessions, Artist: Béla Fleck
Title: Eclipse, Artist: Hamza el Din
Title: At Big Pink, Artist: The Bengali Bauls
Title: Ethiopiques, Vol. 7: Ere Mela Mela, Artist: Mahmoud Ahmed
Title: Missa Luba; 10 Kenyan Folk Melodies, Artist: Muungano National Choir
Title: Afro-Latin Soul, Artist: Mulatu Astatke
Title: Mesgana Ethiopia, Artist: Material
Title: A World Out of Time: Henry Kaiser & David Lindley in Madagascar, Artist:
Title: Al Oud, Artist: Hamza el Din
Title: Ave Africa: The Complete Recordings 1973-1976, Artist: Sunburst
Title: Taarab, Vol. 1: Music of Zanzibar, Artist: Abdullah Mussa Ahmed
Title: Ethiopiques, Vol. 3: Golden Years of Modern Ethiopian Music, Artist:
Title: Ethiopiques, Vol. 9, Artist: Alemayehu Eshete
Title: Secret Museum of Mankind: Music of East Africa, 1925-1948, Artist:
Title: Abdel Aziz el Mubarak, Artist: Abdel Aziz el Mubarak
Title: Children's Songs from Kenya, Artist: David Nzomo

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