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Title: Essential Collection, Artist: Rod Bernard
Title: The Best of Doug & Rusty Kershaw, Artist: Doug Kershaw
Title: Hot Chili Mama, Artist: Beausoleil
Title: The Very Best of Doug Kershaw, Artist: Doug Kershaw
Title: The Balfa Brothers Play Traditional Cajun Music, Vols. 1-2, Artist: The Balfa Brothers
Title: Kershaw: Genus Cambarus, Artist: Doug Kershaw
Title: Classical Cajun Gumbo, Artist: Doug Kershaw
Title: Swamp Grass/Douglas James Kershaw, Artist: Doug Kershaw
Title: Early American Cajun Music, Artist: Blind Uncle Gaspard
Title: Swamp Rock'n'Roller, Artist: Rod Bernard
Title: Devil's Elbow, Artist: Doug Kershaw
Title: See You Later, Alligator, Artist: Bobby Charles
Title: Complete Early Recordings 1929-1930, Artist: Dennis McGee
Title: The Big Easy, Artist:
Title: Last Kiss, Artist: Zachary Richard
Title: Homemade Songs, Artist: Bobby Charles
Title: Intoxicated Tales/The Sport, Artist: Justin Wilson
Title: Turn Loose But Don't Let Go, Artist: Savoy Family Band
Title: Blues de Musicien, Artist: Pine Leaf Boys
Title: Master of the Cajun Accordion: The Classic Swallow Recordings, Artist: Nathan Abshire

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