New from LEGO Hidden Side

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LEGO Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 70423
LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School 70425
LEGO Hidden Side J.B.'s Ghost Lab 70418
LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat 70419
LEGO Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery 70420
LEGO Hidden Side El Fuego's Stunt Truck 70421
LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack 70422
LEGO Hidden Side Ghost Train Express 70424

New from LEGO City

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LEGO City Town People Pack - Fun Fair 60234
LEGO City Space Port Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control 60228
LEGO City Town Garage Center 60232
LEGO City Town Donut shop opening 60233
LEGO City Town Fire Chief Response Truck 60231
LEGO City Space Port Rover Testing Drive 60225
LEGO City Space Port Mars Research Shuttle 60226
LEGO City Space Port Rocket Assembly & Transport 60229
LEGO City Space Port Satellite Service Mission 60224
LEGO City Space Port Lunar Space Station 60227
LEGO City Police Sky Police Air Base 60210
LEGO City Fire Fire Station 60215
LEGO City Police Sky Police Diamond Heist 60209
LEGO City Fire Downtown Fire Brigade 60216
LEGO City Great Vehicles Garbage Truck 60220

New from LEGO Architecture

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Build iconic landmarks such as Trafalgar Square or the Empire State Building.

LEGO Architecture Trafalgar Square 21045
LEGO Architecture Empire State Building 21046

New from LEGO Harry Potter

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LEGO Harry Potter Beauxbatons' Carriage: Arrival at Hogwarts 75958
LEGO Harry Potter Expecto Patronum 75945
LEGO Harry Potter The Rise of Voldemort 75965
LEGO Minifigures Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts 71022
LEGO Harry Potter - Hogwarts Clock Tower 75948
LEGO Harry Potter - The Knight Bus 75957
LEGO Harry Potter - Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge 75946
LEGO Harry Potter - Hagrid's Hut: Buckbeak's Rescue 75947
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043 (LEGO Hard to Find)
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 75955
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 75954
LEGO Harry Potter Aragog's Lair 75950
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Whomping Willow 75953
LEGO Fantastic Beasts Grindelwalds Escape 75951
LEGO Fantastic Beasts Newts Case of Magical Creatures 75952

New from LEGO Friends

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LEGO Friends Underwater Loop 41337
LEGO Friends Mia's Horse Trailer 41371
LEGO Friends Andrea's Summer Heart Box 41384
LEGO Friends Andrea's Pool Party 41374
LEGO Friends Rescue Mission Boat 41381
LEGO Friends Heartlake City Amusement Pier 41375
LEGO Friends Heartlake City Restaurant 41379
LEGO Friends Emma's Summer Heart Box 41385
LEGO Friends Turtles Rescue Mission 41376
LEGO Friends Heartlake City Supermarket 41362
LEGO Friends Lighthouse Rescue Center 41380
LEGO Friends Stephanie's Gymnastics Show 41372
LEGO LEGO Friends Mia's Summer Heart Box 41388
LEGO Friends Stephanie's Summer Heart Box 41386
LEGO Friends Dolphins Rescue Mission 41378

New from LEGO Ninjago

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LEGO Ninjago Katana 4x4 70675
LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Slam - Kai vs. Samurai 70684
LEGO Ninjago Castle of the Forsaken Emperor 70678
LEGO Ninjago Lloyd's Titan Mech 70676
LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Slam - Zane 70683
LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Slam - Lloyd 70681
LEGO Ninjago Cole's Dirt Bike 70672
LEGO Ninjago Fire Fang 70674
LEGO Ninjago ShuriCopter 70673
LEGO Ninjago Lloyd's Journey 70671
LEGO Ninjago Land Bounty 70677
LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Slam - Jay 70682
LEGO Ninjago Jay's Storm Fighter 70668
LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Nya & Wu 70663
LEGO Ninjago The Golden Dragon 70666

New from LEGO DC Super Heroes

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LEGO Super Heroes Batman - Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle 76118
LEGO Super Heroes Batman - Batmobile: Pursuit of The Joker 76119
LEGO Super Heroes Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist 76120
LEGO Super Heroes Batman Batcave Clayface Invasion 76122
LEGO Super Heroes Batman vs. The Riddler Robbery 76137
LEGO Super Heroes Batman and The Joker Escape 76138

New from LEGO Overwatch

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LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball 75976 Pre-Order Now
LEGO Overwatch Junkrat & Roadhog 75977 Pre-Order Now
LEGO Overwatch Dorado Showdown 75972
LEGO Overwatch Watchpoint: Gibraltar 75975
LEGO Overwatch Tracer & Widowmaker 75970
LEGO Overwatch Bastion Building 75974
LEGO Overwatch Hanzo & Genji 75971
LEGO Overwatch D.Va & Reinhardt 75973

New from The LEGO Movie 2

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The LEGO Movie 2 Good Morning Sparkle Babies! 70847
The LEGO Movie 2 Systar Party Crew 70848
The LEGO Movie 2 Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter 70849
LEGO The LEGO Movie 2 - Shimmer & Shine Sparkle Spa 70837
LEGO The LEGO Movie 2 - Queen Watevra's ‘So-Not-Evil' Space Palace 70838
LEGO The LEGO Movie 2 -The Rexcelsior 70839
LEGO The LEGO Movie 2 - Welcome to Apocalypseburg 70840
The LEGO Movie 2: Battle-Ready Batman and MetalBeard 70836
The Lego Movie 2 Invisible Writer and Notebook (Assorted, Styles Vary)
The LEGO Movie 2: Sweet Mayhem's Systar Starship! 70830
The LEGO Movie 2: Emmet and Lucy's Escape Buggy! 70829
The LEGO Movie 2: Emmet's Dream House and Rescue Rocket! 70831
The LEGO Movie 2: Queen Watevra's Build Whatever Box! 70825
The LEGO Movie 2: Benny's Space Squad 70841
The LEGO Movie 2: Movie Maker 70820

New from LEGO Creator

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LEGO Creator Fairground Carousel 31095
LEGO Creator Townhouse Pet Shop & Café 31097
LEGO Creator Twin-Rotor Helicopter 31096
LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang 10265

New from LEGO Technic

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LEGO Technic provides a challenge for experienced LEGO builders. Discover the amazing app-controlled new 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader. Build the realistic new Technic Car Transporter or experience the mechanical versatility of the new Compact Crawler Crane.

LEGO Technic Compact Crawler Crane 42097
LEGO Technic Car Transporter 42098
LEGO Technic 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader 42099

New from LEGO Jurassic World

LEGO Jurassic World Dilophosaurus on the Loose 75934
LEGO Jurassic World Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt 75935
LEGO Jurassic World Triceratops Rampage 75937
LEGO Jurassic World T. rex vs Dino-Mech Battle 75938

New from LEGO Minecraft

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Get ready for some LEGO® Minecraft action with new sets featuring The Creeper Mine, The Blaze Bridge and The Wool Farm.

LEGO Minecraft The Wool Farm 21153
LEGO Minecraft The Blaze Bridge 21154
LEGO Minecraft The Creeper Mine 21155

New from LEGO Duplo

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LEGO DUPLO Princess TM Frozen Ice Castle 10899
LEGO DUPLO Disney TM Mickey's Vacation House 10889
LEGO DUPLO Town Submarine Adventure 10910
LEGO DUPLO Toy Story Train 10894
LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Truck 10901
LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Station 10903
LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes Spider-Man vs. Electro 10893
LEGO DUPLO My First My First Car Creations 10886
LEGO DUPLO My First My First Tow Truck 10883
LEGO DUPLO Town Police Bike 10900
LEGO DUPLO Disney TM My First Mickey Build 10898
LEGO DUPLO Disney My First Minnie Build 10897
LEGO DUPLO Town Police Station 10902
LEGO DUPLO LEGO Movie 2 Emmet and Lucy's Visitors from the DUPLO Planet 10895
LEGO DUPLO Town Train Bridge and Tracks 10872

All New LEGO

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LEGO Classic Windows of Creativity 11004