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Title: Billionaire at the Barricades: The Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump, Author: Laura Ingraham
Title: Janesville: An American Story, Author: Amy Goldstein
Title: How Starbucks Saved My Life: A Son of Privilege Learns to Live Like Everyone Else, Author: Michael Gates Gill
Title: Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America, Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
Title: Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010, Author: Charles Murray
Title: The Unabomber Manifesto: Industrial Society and Its Future, Author: Theodore Kaczynski
Title: Why Good People Can't Get Jobs: The Skills Gap and What Companies Can Do About It, Author: Peter Cappelli
Title: Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army, Author: Jeremy Scahill
Title: Why the West Rules--for Now: The Patterns of History, and What They Reveal About the Future, Author: Ian Morris
Title: Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do, Author: Studs Terkel
Title: Top Ten Distinctions Between Millionaires and The Middle Class, Author: Keith Cameron Smith
Title: The Great Stagnation: How America Ate All the Low-Hanging Fruit of Modern History, Got Sick, and Will (Eventually) Feel Better, Author: Tyler Cowen
Title: When Affirmative Action Was White: An Untold History of Racial Inequality in Twentieth-Century America, Author: Ira Katznelson
Title: Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China, Author: Leslie T. Chang
Title: Civil Rights: RHETORIC OR REALITY, Author: Thomas Sowell
Title: Woman-Powered Farm: Manual for a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle from Homestead to Field, Author: Audrey Levatino
Title: Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell): My Decade Fighting for the Labor Movement, Author: Jane Mcalevey
Title: The Whistleblower: Sex Trafficking, Military Contractors, and One Woman's Fight for Justice, Author: Kathryn Bolkovac
Title: Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power, Author: Robert D. Kaplan

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