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Title: Infomocracy, Author: Malka Older
Title: Fall; or, Dodge in Hell, Author: Neal Stephenson
Title: Neuromancer, Author: William Gibson
Title: The Queens Advantage, Author: Jessie Mihalik
Title: Hyperion, Author: Dan Simmons
Title: Reamde, Author: Neal Stephenson
Title: The Mandel Files, Volume 1: Mindstar Rising & A Quantum Murder, Author: Peter F. Hamilton
Title: Sword Art Online Progressive 6 (light novel), Author: Reki Kawahara
Title: Cryptonomicon, Author: Neal Stephenson
Title: Snow Crash, Author: Neal Stephenson
Title: Lock In: A Novel of the Near Future, Author: John Scalzi
Title: Influx, Author: Daniel Suarez
Title: Alita: Battle Angel - The Official Movie Novelization, Author: Pat Cadigan
Title: Legion of the Damned (Legion of the Damned Series #1), Author: William C. Dietz
Title: When All Seems Lost, Author: William C. Dietz
Title: Daemon, Author: Daniel Suarez
Title: The Final Battle (Legion of the Damned Series #2), Author: William C. Dietz
Title: Count Zero, Author: William Gibson
Title: City of Golden Shadow (Otherland Series #1), Author: Tad Williams
Title: The Omega Project, Author: Steve Alten

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