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Title: The Payne in the Blog (Cake Love), Author: Elizabeth Lynx
Title: Lucky Charming, Author: Kate Chastain
Title: Police Humor!, Author: Oliver Gaspirtz
Title: I Love My Computer Because My Friends Live in It (FREE PREVIEW ESSAY): Stories from an Online Life, Author: Jess Kimball Leslie
Title: The Supervillain Handbook: The Ultimate How-to Guide to Destruction and Mayhem, Author: King Oblivion
Title: The Bitchy Waiter: Tales, Tips & Trials from a Life in Food Service, Author: Darron Cardosa
Title: BUBBLES ABLAZE, Author: sarah Strohmeyer
Title: How I Lost A Million Dollars Twice: And Other Brilliant Adventures, Author: Taylor Young
Title: Cadet Blues, Author: Rob Krider
Title: Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up, Author: Dave Barry
Title: How to Profit from the Coming Rapture: Getting Ahead When You're Left Behind, Author: Steve Levy
Title: Dilbert Gives You the Business: A Dilbert Book, Author: Scott Adams
Title: Eat the Rich: A Treatise on Economics, Author: P. J. O'Rourke
Title: Jargon Unchained, Author: Len Guff
Title: How to Fail Miserably at Writing, Author: Giselle Renarde
Title: Don't Stand Where the Comet Is Assumed to Strike Oil: A Dilbert Book, Author: Scott Adams
Title: The Secret Book, Author: Edmund Lester Pearson
Title: Dilbert - A Treasury Of Sunday Strips: Version 00: A Dilbert Book, Author: Scott Adams
Title: When Body Language Goes Bad: A Dilbert Book, Author: Scott Adams
Title: Outrageous Office Dares, Author: Suzie Duncan

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