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Title: The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Author: Daniel James Brown
Title: Two Years Before the Mast, Author: Richard Henry Dana
Title: Shadow Divers: The True Adventure of Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of the Last Mysteries of World War II, Author: Robert Kurson
Title: Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life, Author: William Finnegan
Title: The Emerald Mile: The Epic Story of the Fastest Ride in History Through the Heart of the Grand Canyon, Author: Kevin Fedarko
Title: Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea, Author: Steven Callahan
Title: Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship, Author: Robert Kurson
Title: I Wonder Scarf: Further Adventures in Extreme Knitting, Author: Danielle Hughes
Title: A Voyage For Madmen, Author: Peter Nichols
Title: The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of the Ocean, Author: Susan Casey
Title: Sailing Alone Around The World, Author: Joshua Slocum
Title: The eNotated Two Years before the Mast, Author: Richard Henry Dana
Title: Cruise Confidential: A Hit Below the Waterline: Where the Crew Lives, Eats, Wars, and Parties -- One Crazy Year Working on, Author: Brian David Bruns
Title: A Pearl in the Storm: How I Found My Heart in the Middle of the Ocean, Author: Tori Murden McClure
Title: Crazy for the Storm: A Memoir of Survival, Author: Norman Ollestad
Title: The Amateurs: The Story of Four Young Men and Their Quest for an Olympic Gold Medal, Author: David Halberstam
Title: Heart of Oak, Author: Tristan Jones
Title: The Natural Navigator: The Rediscovered Art of Letting Nature Be Your Guide, Author: Tristan Gooley
Title: Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean, Author: Jonathan White
Title: Chapman Piloting & Seamanship 67th Edition, Author: Chapman

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