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Title: Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies: The Real West, Author: David Fisher
Title: Dodge City: Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and the Wickedest Town in the American West, Author: Tom Clavin
Title: Shot All to Hell: Jesse James, the Northfield Raid, and the Wild West's Greatest Escape, Author: Mark Gardner
Title: Famous Gunfighters of the Western Frontier: Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Luke Short and Others, Author: W. B. (Bat) Masterson
Title: To Hell on a Fast Horse: Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, and the Epic Chase to Justice in the Old West, Author: Mark Gardner
Title: The Last Gunfight: The Real Story of the Shootout at the O.K. Corral-And How It Changed the American West, Author: Jeff Guinn
Title: The Last Outlaws: The Lives and Legends of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Author: Thom Hatch
Title: Wyatt Earp Speaks: My Side of the O.K. Corral Shootout, Plus Interviews with Doc Holliday, Author: Wyatt Earp
Title: Triggernometry: A Gallery Of Gunfighters, Author: Eugene Cunningham
Title: The Texas Rangers: Wearing the Cinco Peso, 1821-1900, Author: Mike Cox
Title: Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War, Author: T. J. Stiles
Title: Black Gun, Silver Star, Author: Art T Burton
Title: Billy the Kid: Beyond the Grave, Author: W.C. Jameson
Title: Doc Holliday: The Life and Legend, Author: Gary L. Roberts
Title: Doc Holliday: A Family Portrait, Author: Karen Holliday Tanner
Title: Billy the Kid: The Endless Ride, Author: Michael Wallis
Title: The Wild Bunch at Robbers Roost, Author: Pearl Baker
Title: The Collected Works of Billy the Kid, Author: Michael Ondaatje
Title: The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid, Author: Pat Garrett
Title: The Vigilantes of Montana, Author: Thomas Dimsdale

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