Title: The Washington Post, Author: Washington Post Company
Title: The Dallas Morning News, Author: A. H. Belo Corporation
Title: The Charlotte Observer, Author: The McClatchy Company
Title: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Author: The McClatchy Company
Title: The Washington Times, Author: Washington Times
Title: The News & Observer, Author: The McClatchy Company
Title: The Johns Hopkins News-Letter, Author: Johns Hopkins University
Title: The Battalion, Author: Texas A & M  University
Title: The Breeze, Author: James Madison University
Title: The Plainsman, Author: Auburn University
Title: The Kentucky Kernel, Author: University of Kentucky
Title: The Daily Texan, Author: University of Texas-Austin
Title: Daily Mississippian, Author: University of Mississippi
Title: The Technique, Author: Georgia Tech
Title: Cavalier Daily, Author: University of Virginia
Title: The Duke Chronicle, Author: Duke University
Title: The Optimist, Author: Abilene Christian University
Title: East Tennessean, Author: East Tennessee State University
Title: The Tiger, Author: Clemson University
Title: The Reveille, Author: Louisiana State University

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