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Title: Laura's Love Story: The lifetime love of Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder, Author: Dan L. White
Title: In the Cockpit with Bob Hoover, Author: Di Freeze
Title: Three Faces of Nellie: The Real Story Behind Laura Ingalls Wilder's
Title: Still I Rise: The Story of Maya Angelou, Author: Jeff Biggers
Title: Jack Thayer and the Wreck of the Titanic, Author: Jack Thayer
Title: The Boy Who Carried Bricks A True Story (Juvenile Cover), Author: Alton Carter
Title: The Times of Our Lives (A Lawrencian Memoir), Author: Xavr
Title: Betsy Ross: The Woman Who Made the First Flag, Author: Caitlind Alexander
Title: From Gossip to Greatness: The Biography of Wendy Williams, Author: Rocelyn Emerson
Title: Five Great Biographies for Kids - Shel Silverstein, Steve Martin, Susan B. Anthony, Samuel Gompers and Van Gogh, Author: Josephine Madden
Title: John Denver: Man for the World, Author: John Stansfield
Title: What's So Great About Marco Polo? A Biography of Marco Polo Just for Kids!, Author: Sam Rogers
Title: Mary of Orange At the Mercy of the Kings, Author: Linda Finlayson
Title: The Flea - The Amazing Story of Leo Messi, Author: Michael Part
Title: Orphan Train Rider: One Boy's True Story, Author: Andrea Warren
Title: From Marky Mark to Mega Star: The Biography of Mark Wahlberg, Author: Paul Wesley
Title: Gabby Douglas: Golden Smile, Golden Triumph (GymnStars Series #4), Author: Christine Dzidrums
Title: Comes A Little Light, Author: Darice Bailer
Title: The Country Singer: The Story of Loretta Lynn, Author: Jeff Biggers

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