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Title: HER II, Author: Pierre Jeanty
Title: Costumbres y Tradiciones de Puerto Rico, Author: Manuel Fernandez Juncos
Title: Selected Poems: Fragments and Rudiments 1998-2010, Author: William Carroll
Title: Tradiciones en Salsa Verde, Author: Ricardo Palma
Title: Tears of Broken Hearts, Author: L. Figaro
Title: Cuentos y Narraciones de Puerto Rico, Author: Manuel Fernandez Juncos
Title: Coleccion de Hermosos Poemas Clasicos de Puerto Rico, Author: Jose De Diego
Title: How To Write Poetry For Teens - Your Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Poetry For Teens, Author: HowExpert Press
Title: The Face, Author: Jimmy Santiago Baca
Title: Obras de Luís Gama, Author: Luís Gama
Title: Haitian Creole Worship and Praise Songs – Chan Adorasyon ak Louwanj Kreyol – Canciones de Adoración e Alabanza en Creole – Chants d’adoration et de Louange Créoles, Author: Marcel D. Dubois
Title: Passage To Valhalla: NaPoWriMo 2017, Author: T.C. Harrison
Title: In the Birth of a New Dawn, Author: John R. Hernandez
Title: Rinrín Renacuajo y otros personajes, Author: Rafael Pombo
Title: Fantasías, Author: Olegario Víctor Andrade
Title: Seis Meses Para Vivir, Author: Maria Soky Falcon
Title: Poesía II, Author: Alfonsina Storni
Title: high yellow: and other poems, Author: Remi Cain
Title: Poesías, Author: Clemente Althaus
Title: Poesías de Insomnio, Author: Ash Ash

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