Read Easy, Everywhere

NOOK GlowLight Plus Book Cover Image
NOOK GlowLight Plus

by Barnes & Noble

Equipped with Night Mode for seamless day-to-night reading, page-turning buttons for a faster reading experience, plus a headphone jack and wireless capability. Start reading on this versatile eReader today!


Read Comfortably at Any Time of Day

NOOK GlowLight 3 Book Cover Image
NOOK GlowLight 3

by Barnes & Noble

Comfortable enough to hold for hours at a time with our soft touch finish. Page-turning buttons give you easier access to the books you love. Jump to the next chapter with a few clicks or fast-flip through multiple pages by holding down on buttons. Get it today!


NOOK® by Barnes & Noble Tablets

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Read Forever®, For Less

Enjoy 32GB storage to have everything you need right there with you, everywhere you go. Experience our exclusive pogo-pin connector that lets you transform your tablet into a laptop in less than seconds or change upright in your docking station while you make video calls, read recipes and stream your favorite shows.

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NOOK Tablet 7
32GB Samsung Memory Card

NOOK® by Samsung Tablets

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Hi-tech Tablets that Readers Love

Combines the latest technology with a reading experience only Barnes & Noble can offer. Enjoy HD entertainment and long battery life on beautiful 7" or 9.6" screens.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab E NOOK 9.6