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Title: Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed: Revised Edition, Author: Jared Diamond
Title: The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2018, Author: Sam Kean
Title: A Sand County Almanac: With Other Essays on Conservation from Round River, Author: Aldo Leopold
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Title: The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that Saved America, Author: Timothy Egan
Title: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Author: Annie Dillard
Title: Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants, Author: Jane Goodall
Title: The Ten Trusts: What We Must Do to Care for The Animals We Love, Author: Jane Goodall
Title: This Is Not A Drill: An Extinction Rebellion Handbook, Author: Extinction Rebellion
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Title: The Control of Nature, Author: John McPhee
Title: Encounters with the Archdruid: Narratives About a Conservationist and Three of His Natural Enemies, Author: John McPhee
Title: Planetwalker: 22 Years of Walking. 17 Years of Silence., Author: John Francis Ph.D.
Title: Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist and Other Essays, Author: Paul Kingsnorth
Title: Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet, Author: Mark Lynas
Title: The End of Nature, Author: Bill McKibben
Title: No Impact Man: The Adventures of a Guilty Liberal Who Attempts to Save the Planet, and the Discoveries He Makes About Himself and Our Way of Life in the Process, Author: Colin Beavan
Title: Teaching a Stone to Talk: Expeditions and Encounters, Author: Annie Dillard
Title: Wildlife Guardian: Stories of a Pennsylvania Game Warden, Author: William Wasserman
Title: Along the Divide: Walking the Wild Spine of Scotland, Author: Chris Townsend
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Title: The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems, Author: Van Jones
Title: Life of Frederick Courteney Selous, D.S.O., Capt. 25th Royal Fusiliers, Author: John G. Millais

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