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Title: Let's Review Algebra I, Author: Gary Rubinstein
Title: How to Lie with Statistics, Author: Darrell Huff
Title: How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking, Author: Jordan Ellenberg
Title: Code Talker: The First and Only Memoir by One of the Original Navajo Code Talkers of WWII, Author: Chester Nez
Title: Painless Algebra, Author: Lynette Long Ph.D.
Title: Literacy Strategies for Improving Mathematics Instruction, Author: Joan M. Kenney
Title: Code Warriors: NSA's Codebreakers and the Secret Intelligence War Against the Soviet Union, Author: Stephen Budiansky
Title: Theoretical Physics, Author: Georg Joos
Title: The Field Updated Ed: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, Author: Lynne McTaggart
Title: Math in 100 Numbers, Author: Colin Stuart
Title: Painless Pre-Algebra, Author: Amy Stahl
Title: Cryptanalysis, Author: Helen F. Gaines
Title: Math, Grade 4, Author: Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Title: How to Solve Word Problems in Algebra, 2nd Edition / Edition 2, Author: Mildred Johnson
Title: Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension: A Mathematician's Journey Through Narcissistic Numbers, Optimal Dating Algorithms, at Least Two Kinds of Infinity, and More, Author: Matt Parker
Title: The Divine Proportion: A Study in Mathematical Beauty, Author: H. E. Huntley
Title: Figures for Fun: Stories, Puzzles and Conundrums, Author: Yakov Perelman
Title: Cryptography: The Science of Secret Writing, Author: Laurence D. Smith
Title: Pre-Algebra, Author: BarCharts
Title: Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea, Author: Charles Seife

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